UCG IBM i Hosting and VAULT400 Cloud Backup for IBM BRMS Users

Announcing Two New Services from UCG Technologies

IBM i Hosting and BRMS Cloud Backup

Take Modernization to the Next Level - The INFRASTRUCTURE Level

UCG Technologies is announcing two new services to compliment your IBM i environment and maximize your data protection options. UCG IBM i Hosting provides unique off-site deployment options for Power8 or Power9 servers to meet your location and service needs.

This service includes cloud backups, DRaaS, and a full DR Plan and Test. VAULT400 for IBM BRMS Users provides the capability for customized cloud backup configurations while leveraging your investment with IBM BRMS.

See details on these products below and be sure to contact info@ucgtechnologies.com for more information.

UCG IBM i Hosting

Package Turn-Key Pricing From $ 2,890 p/month - includes:

  • 100% dedicated IBM i Power Server - Power8 or Power9
  • Custom Configurations from 10,000 CPW, 32GB Memory, 2.2TB Disk
  • COLO, Rack, Redundant Power + Generator, Firewall & Redundant Internet
  • IBM 7/24/365 Hardware & Software Maintenance
  • Complete UCG Migration - Up to 40 hours
  • UCG Services for OS and PTF updates - Up to 40 hours annually
  • VAULT400 or VAULT400 for IBM i BRMS Users - Backup
  • Backups to (2) COLOs - AES bit 256 encrypted - 30 days and 11 monthlies
  • Full DRaaS Plan and Test
  • Disaster Recovery to 2nd COLO & Migration

VAULT400 for IBM BRMS Users

  • Revolutionary BRMS Backup
  • Custom configurations to meet your specific needs
  • Local and Remote Save Sets
  • IPL and Option 21 Full System Saves
  • Secure replication encryption; local archives and tape encryption support
  • Compression & Deduplication reduction up to 100:1
  • Full 24 to 48 hour DRaaS
  • Run remotely for up to 60 days
  • Supports All Platforms and Databases

New PRoduct Sales Sheet

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For more information, contact info@ucgtechnologies.com