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IBM POWER8 S812 Price and Availability Announcement

IBM Power8 Server Pricing Announcement

IBM Valentine's Day Announcement:

Roses are red, violets are blue, IBM i got some new stuff, will you love it too?

IBM i S812 - 1 Core & 1 Partition - 2U for small clients
Maximum of 25 Users
64GB of Memory, 8 disk drives, RDX drive
Pricing not released yet - Expected to be 15 to 20% less
Perfect for small locations or a designated CBU server

IBM Power System S812 Specs
Available starting March 17, 2017
Pricing available by the end of February

IBM i 7.3 TR2 and 7.2 TR6
IBM i Future - 2017 Update

Submit for an analysis and custom proposal to upgrade to IBM Power8.

IBM Power System S814 Server

IBM i Solution Edition for UCG Enterprise Cloud Backup & DR for mid-market firms

UCG Enterprise Cloud Backup, DR & H/A

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