UCG iSeries Cloud Backup Benefits

UCG Technologies is your source for IBM iSeries Cloud Backup and DRaaS

IBM iSeries Cloud Backup

UCG Technologies offers an iSeries Cloud Backup service that will keep your data safe in worst case data loss scenarios. This service is very easy to use and provides data backup, archiving, and restoration of your database.

Cloud Backup Benefits

  • Cloud Backup provides multiple backup copies in varous locations reducing risk of data loss.
  • Flexible and scalable, so it can easily grow with your business needs.
  • Improved data availability and continuity.
  • Around the clock access to your data.
  • Reduced cost of ownership with a solution that fits your exact needs.

We also have top notch customer support that is there for you if you need any assistance. Check out our testimonials to read comments from the people we've worked with.

So don't wait, contact UCG today to get started on an iSeries Cloud Backup plan. Contact us or fill out our Cloud Backup and DRaaS Assessment and Proposal today!

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