Is Your Network Safe?

Security Awareness is Crucial

Cyber criminals are coming up with more and more sophisticated ways to threaten your security. Your network is only as strong as its weakest link and that is why training your employees in security awareness is crucial.


Train Your Employees. Protect Your Network.


We have your data protected, but not from "human error”. It’s imperative to ensure all employees are educated and up to speed on how to spot ransomware attacks BEFORE they click on a dangerous link.

UCG now provides the following base value-added service at no additional cost to current and new UCG VAULT400 Cloud Backup subscribers.

  1. Phishing test for all active email users.
  2. List of users whose email addresses are exposed.
  3. Twenty-five users will receive online cyber security training. (Additional training may be purchased for $10 per user plus $2 every six months for maintenance, updates and support. This is a complete managed service.
  4. UCG will schedule ongoing phishing tests and training on your behalf.
  5. Quarterly reports will be emailed to bring your attention to violators who can then be scheduled for additional online training.

UCG Technologies Enterprise Security Awareness Training

Bottom Line: Your organization is 20 to 40%+ risk of being hit with ransomware. With this training, it will reduce to negligible single digits or eliminate it completely.

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