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Happy Holidays from UCG Technologies

Happy Holidays From UCG Technologies!

In honor of our valued clients, employees, and vendors, UCG has made donations to the following charitable organizations this holiday season.

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UCG Technologies IBM cloud  backup

Heading into 2017: milestones filled with gratitude

When UCG rebranded in April, it represented the way forward to a very exciting future for our employees, clients, and business partners.

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How MSPs Fail Their Clients

How MSPs Fail Their Clients

We recently conducted an email phishing test for one of our clients, a midsize retailer. Employees received an email disguised as coming from their human resources department. It accused them of accessing prohibited sites on the job and threatened them with termination. Employees were instructed to click a link in the email to see a list of prohibited sites they had allegedly accessed.

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IBM Hardware Support for POWER5 and Older Systems is Ending

IBM hardware support for POWER5 and older systems is ending

If your company is behind the curve when it comes to IBM i's latest technology, the time to start planning your upgrade to IBM POWER8 is now!

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IBM i Solution Edition Cloud Backup and DRaaS

IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS

Organizations gain significant IBM i pricing benefits, and an easy-to-manage cloud backup and DR solution that delivers a low total cost of ownership!

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IBM POWER8 Power Systems

Time for an upgrade to IBM POWER8?

UCG specializes in the IBM Power Systems which provide a highly secure architecture and stable platform for deploying business applications.

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Cyber Security Awareness

Is Your Network Safe?

Cyber criminals are coming up with more and more sophisticated ways to threaten your security. Your network is only as strong as its weakest link and that is why training your employees in security awareness is crucial.

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UCG Technologies Logo

Announcing UCG Technologies!

One lesson I’ve learned in the 29 years since I founded UCG is that your brand says a lot about not only who you are but also what you want to be. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that: United Computer Group, Inc. is now UCG Technologies!

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