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Articles Of Interest

Don’t Forget About The Co-Lo Alternative To Cloud

by Jim Kandrac

Cloud is a consumption model, not a panacea. And for a lot of customers, moving some – or even all of their applications – to the cloud is something to consider or even possibly the right move. But for many customers who are committed to their applications and therefore to their IBM i platform, the best and lowest cost way to get infrastructure to support those applications is still to put machinery on premises or to have it installed in a co-location facility.

CO-LO alternative to cloud

Do the Math When Looking at IBM i Hosting for Cost Savings

by Matt Paterini

COVID-19 has accelerated certain business trends that were already gaining strength prior to the start of the pandemic. E-commerce, telehealth, and video conferencing are some of the most obvious examples. One example that may not be as obvious to the general public but has a profound impact on business is the shift in strategy of IBM i infrastructure from traditional, on-premises environments to some form of remote configuration. These remote configurations and all of their variations are broadly referred to in the community as IBM i hosting.

iBMI Hosting do the Math

Taking the Pulse of the IBM i Market

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

If you want to know what is going on in an economy – what is really happening – you have to not talk to just the people in the state capitals or Washington DC, but you have to talk to real business people who are out there every day, running businesses and trying to meet a payroll and provide that good or service that keeps the money rolling.

Read about our discussion with UCG CEO Jim Kandrac. It gives a real sense how small and medium businesses – and quite a few behemoths, too – are doing and what they are doing when it comes to technology.

Concordance Case Study

Navigating an Unprecedented Situation

Consolidated infrastructure helps Concordance Healthcare Solutions meet customer demands.

Concordance Case Study

Small Businesses are Increasingly the Target of Cyberattacks

Small and mid sized businesses are being targeted more often by ransomware attacks. Learn what you can do to protect your company from cybercriminals.

IBM Magazine Small Business Cyber Security Article

UCG Technologies acquires Cincinnati firm

Independence-based UCG Technologies — a global IT firm — announced it has acquired Cincinnati-based Contract Guardian Inc., which specializes in automated contract management.

IBM Magazine POV Article

IT Jungle: Survey Paints a Picture of IBM i Community, Product Usage

The folks behind the All 400s website have published the first results of an online survey that seeks to illuminate the state of the IBM i community, ranging from possible plans to migrate off the platform to third-party product preferences. The first 400 people have taken the 25-question survey, and the results may surprise you.

IBM Magazine POV Article

LIFTING THE CLOUD of Terminology Confusion

Business partners can lead the effort for uniform definitions for common cloud terms.

IBM Magazine POV Article

VAULT400 Smooths Industrial Equipment Manufacturer’s Global Consolidation Path

With operations in 12 countries, Eriez understands the importance of running a disciplined business. But until recently one aspect of its IT operations fell just a trifle short of world-class: data backup.

Eriez Global Consolidation

VAULT400 Returns: Welcome Back, Old Friend

UCG Technologies announces the return of VAULT400

VAULT400 Returns

UCG’s Newest Sales Executive Took an Unconventional Path to Success

Career-changing encounters can happen in the strangest places. For Matt Paterini, it was in a barber chair.

UCG's Newest Sales Executive Took an Unconventional Path to Success

SECURITY Awareness and the HUMAN Firewall

Between 20 and 45 percent of employees are deceived by email ploys. A single click on a malicious site can compromise the entire corporate network. Organizations can take the following five steps to protect themselves from disaster.

Security Awareness and the Human Firewall

Soft Sciences Visible at UCG Technologies

Changing A Brand. It takes 20 years to build a brand, and five minutes to ruin it. But for a company like UCG, a re-branding can tell the story of how the company has evolved. - Michael DeAloia, Tech Czar Talk

IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS

How MSPs Fail Their Clients

In one phishing test UCG Technologies conducted for a retail client, nearly 50% of employees clicked on a fraudulent email. The good news is that a little education can drastically reduce susceptibility to phishing and spoofing attacks. Customers should ask any prospective MSP partner about what they do to address the human side of security.

IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS

Spreading a Wider IT Net at UCG Technologies – an IT Jungle profile

UCG Technologies has succeeded for nearly 30 years by anticipating shifts in the market and moving first. The company’s recent rebranding and expansion into cyber security with its free phishing test is the latest evidence of how UCG Technologies stays ahead.

IBMI Cloud Backup & DRaaS

Life is a Poker Game, and 13 Other Lessons I’ve Learned from Building UCG Technologies - by Jim Kandrac

United Computer Group was started with $30,000 in savings and a six-month business plan. Nearly 30 years later, it’s still growing and diversifying. Here are the lessons founder Jim Kandrac has learned in the process of building one of IBM’s top Business Partners and a leader in iSeries and Power backup and disaster recovery services.

UCG Cloud Backup

Which Nine States Have the Most Dangerous Weather? This List Might Surprise You

While hurricanes cause their share of destruction, the nine states on this list are mostly inland. Tornadoes, floods and extreme heat are some of the factors that make them so dangerous. Disaster recovery planning is important for any business, but particularly if you live here.

Dangerous Weather Cloud Backup

The 5 Key Questions You Should Ask about Backup as a Service

There are two kinds of companies: those that have lost data already and those that will lose data in the future. Backup as a service provides protection and flexibility, but there are many choices to make. Use these five questions to make the backup as a service choice that’s right for your needs and budget.

IBM Balancing Budgets

The Rising Cost of Security Breaches and the 4 Things You Should Do to Defend Your Business

The average cost of a cyber-attack has risen to $3.8 million and the cost of dealing with breaches has risen 23% over the past two years. It’s also taking businesses longer than ever to detect attacks. This research report will help you better understand attacker motivations and what you can to do best defend yourself.

Cost of Security Breaches

United Computer Group Turns 25 on the Strength of Data Protection Disaster Recovery Solutions

The U.S. Bureau of Labor has estimated that 93 percent of businesses that suffer significant data loss are out of business within five years. UCG Technologies has built its business on protecting customers from that fate through comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and security services.

UCG 25th Anniversary

From Sales Rep to College President – The Amazing Story of Former UCGer Margie Martyn, Ph.D.

After spending four years in sales support for United Computer Group, Margie Martyn made the shift to higher education, earned two degrees and today is President of Harold Washington College. She says lessons she learned in UCG sales still have value today.

Margie Martyn

UCG COO and Former UCG Intern Keith King on Business Success: “Be a problem solver”

UCG Technologies CEO Jim Kandrac saw potential in Keith King and offered him an internship right out of high school. Inspired by UCG’s growth and customer focus, Keith launched his own printing and label manufacturing company, which today employs 45 people. The sales and marketing techniques he learned at UCG still serve him to this day.

Keith King

For UCG Alum Julie Mascioli, There was Never a Dull Moment

Julie was a receptionist for a property management company when she spotted an open accounting position at tenant UCG and asked for a try. Seventeen years later, she retired as Operations Manager for enterprise cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Julie Mascioli

UCG’s First Employee Remembers the Wild Early Days

As UCG’s first employee, Shari did whatever needed to be done, from picking up equipment to catering lunch to installing printer boards. Now retired, she remembers the wild ride of the early days, when 386 processors and dot matrix printers were the state of the art.

Shari Harris

From Competitors to Colleagues: How Two Old Friends Reunited to Build a Business

High school buddies Jim Kandrac and Mike Powall went their separate ways after graduating, then years later found themselves competing for the same business. Mike decided to join UCG and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mike Powall