Cloud, Hybrid Cloud or Private Cloud Options

UCG IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS

Analysis & Proposal

UCG Technologies specializes in IBM Power Systems (IBM i) and protects all platforms from 10GB to in excess of 100TB. Options include cloud backup to two remote data centers, hybrid cloud, or private cloud. A 2019 Server OS Reliability Survey found that one hour of downtime costs at least $100K for 98% of companies to over $5 million for 34% of surveyed companies.

UCG Technologies Cloud Hybrid and Private Options

Key Benefits

  • Cloud, hybrid cloud or private cloud options
  • Breadth of product support–most platforms and databases
  • Best in industry compression, de-dup and bit-block processing
  • 19 secure, regulatory compliant data centers
  • AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in flight
  • Image-based backup and bare metal restore (BMR) - Physical Server
  • Snapshot protection for vSphere and Hyper-v – Virtual Server
  • Customized scheduling and bandwidth throttling
  • Granular restore for quick recovery of files and folders
  • Tiered hardware recovery for IBM Power9 (i) and Intel vSphere and Hyper-v)
  • Managed by experts with 30+ years in the industry – Knowledge, Focus, Execution, and Passion

Add a virtual, hybrid, or private cloud appliance for the best of both worlds.

By adding a local virtual, hybrid or private cloud appliance, you get the local performance of an onsite appliance and the unlimited storage capacity of the cloud. UCG's cloud backup Appliances scale from 1TB to 50TB of storage per appliance. With an infinite amount of cloud storage capacity, and the local performance of on-premise data protection appliances with optional offsite replication to the cloud, you can count on a solution that scales with your data growth requirements and gives you the instant restore and recovery of an on-premise backup appliance.

UCG Virtual Hybrid Cloud ERA Appliance: A local VM slice provided by client with segmented SAN storage for UCG Cloud Backup and DRaaS subscribers that delivers fast, LAN-speed recoveries. Holds the last seven days of backup data and automatically replicates to the UCG cloud.

UCG Hybrid Cloud ERA Appliance: A local backup appliance for IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS and Recovery Services customers that delivers fast, LAN-speed recoveries. Holds the last seven days of backup data and automatically replicates to the UCG cloud.

UCG Private Cloud PnP Appliances: An integrated backup and recovery appliance (3TB to 50TB) for the fastest path to on-premise data protection. Client site and UCG COLO.

How it Works.

UCG’s IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS centralizes the backup and recovery of data on all servers throughout the enterprise—headquarters, as well as remote and branch office (ROBO) locations. Agents automatically back up your data over a secure and encrypted internet connection to UCG’s secure data centers. You are able to monitor and manage everything within a web browser. Recovery is just as easy: When you need to restore, simply navigate to the recovery point via an intuitive interface, and then click. Throughout the entire backup and recovery process, FIPS-approved 256-bit AES encryption keeps your data secure.

UCG’s IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS solutions can back up and recover thousands of physical and virtual servers.

Download the UCG IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS Overview PDF