Phishing Security Test

Are Your Employees Vulnerable to Phishing Attacks?

With the advance of cyber crime, your employees are more vulnerable than ever when it comes to network security. We provide simulated phishing attacks and training to help your employees recognize common traps and learn how to avoid them to keep your network safe. Fill out the form below for a phishing security test.

Phishing Security Test

Enterprise Security Training

Today, your employees are frequently exposed to advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. Your users are the weak link in your IT security. There are five ways to train end-users:

  1. Do Nothing. Rely on filters and count on users to not click on phishing links. It is surprising that 25% of organizations still use this tactic.
  2. The Break Room. Herd all users once a year into the break room. Keep them awake with donuts and coffee during the death by PowerPoint slide deck.
  3. The Monthly Security Video. Users are given short videos that each cover a topic related to keeping the network secure, but causing training fragmentation.
  4. The Phishing Test. Select a group of high-risk users and send a mock phishing attack. Employees that fail are asked to do a short remedial training.
  5. The Human Firewall.
    1. Pre-test all users to find out your organization’s Phish-prone percentage and get your baseline.
    2. Train all your employees on-line, on-demand to resist important attack vectors.
    3. Schedule automated phishing attacks to all users year-round -- Fully automated, super simple, highly effective, and very little time required.

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