Domain Spoof Test

Can hackers spoof an email address from your own domain?

Are you aware that one of the first things hackers try is to see if they can spoof the email address of someone in your own domain? If they are able to, penetrating your network is like taking candy from a baby.

Now they can launch a "CEO fraud" spear-phishing attack on your organization, and that type of attack is very hard to defend against, unless your users are highly ‘security awareness’ trained. Once the bad guys know they can spoof any email address, this is the next thing they do:

Email Phishing Securtiy Training

Once they have all publicly available email addresses, the bigger your attack footprint is, and the higher the risk is. Now they can send all employees an email supposedly coming from Human Resources, the CEO or perhaps the mail room, and social engineer your users to click on a link. Would you like to know if hackers can spoof your domain?

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Find out now if your domain can be spoofed. The Domain Spoof Test (DST) is a one-time free service. This test will help you address any mail server configuration issues that are found.

This test is only available for the person in your organization responsible for email security. We need a valid email address from the domain of your own organization, so Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or any other ISP are not accepted.